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Welcome to the Creditor Portal

From this page you (as a creditor, member or contributory) will be able to go to the dedicated case page that you have been provided access information for in previous correspondence from us, where you will be able to download and view all documents and information provided to creditors, members and contributories in relation to the case to date.

As the case progresses, all future documents will be available for downloading and viewing without further written notice. Instead, each page will give timescales for when each future document is due to be uploaded, so that you know when to return.

Please enter the log in and password provided below:

We still need to send certain notices and information to you in writing, also. However, they will still be available here.

If you have any problems or queries at all, or wish to receive a hard copy of any of the current and/or future documents posted on the case page, please contact us on 01227 649 000 or email or write to Augusta Kent Limited, Clocktower Offices, The Clocktower Square, St Georges Street, Canterbury CT1 2LE and we will be able to help you.

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